Our Business made INMAN news!

I made #Inman news! For those of you that don’t know, Inman is the biggest industry publication in Real Estate. My quote is new agent tip #8! I am so humbled and flattered. I have learned so much from this publication over the past two years! #Inman #RealEstate #Agent #Newmillenniumrealtygroup#StellarRealtyNorthwest




Full Unedited quote: “Do not outsource. Do everything yourself for the first 18 months. Especially if you don’t have a sales background. The sad truth is, even if you got an infinite amount of leads given to you, your sales accumen is probably not robust enough to close many. So your time is worth less then your own blood sweat and tears. Do the SEO yourself, augment your web content yourself, do your own social network management, educate yourself, train yourself, build your sales skills. Don’t spend money for products if you can do it yourself. You will need that money to eat and pay bills. then when you become a better sales person and your time is worth more then your ability to do everything yourself, you can start outsourcing on the frivolous things.”

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