Privacy Policy

Confidential Information

We pledge not to share any information you communicate to us when searching for new homes for sale in Bend. Your data will be treated as private with anyone outside of your real estate agency relationship. This is with the exception of my Keller Williams Principal Brokers and their employees. 

Deletion of Personal Data

If you the client decide not to work with us anymore and request a deletion of your personal data such as phone number, address, email address we will delete said information and not hold said info against your will.

Similar Information Confidentiality

We pledge not to share similar information with third parties that don’t also make the similar pledge. 

Regulatory Instituions

For regulatory reasons all work products need to be saved but don’t have to be shared with anyone not expressly permitted by the client, except for certain regulatory institutions. 

Encrypted Email

Encrypted and extra secure technological email solutions are offered by the Bend Realty Nerds upon client request including encrypted email through protonMail. 


Have a special privacy concern or need? Let me know and we can discuss! We will try and meet your needs or at least explain why legally that may be difficult. Transparency above all else!