The Mission Statement for Millennium Group

To cultivate a real estate organization centered around a team based dynamic focused on allowing realty professionals to be their authentic selves while building their own businesses under the ethos of openness, transparency, acceptance, technology and trust throughout the greater Oregon region. 


I take pride in offering high-caliber full-service residential real estate expertise. My clients are my top priority, and I focus on delivering the best possible results for them. I open the dialogue with introductory information on what to expect during the real estate transaction process. We meet in person where I go through the resources we will bring to bear during the individualized transaction. This includes Multiple Listing Service access for the client, a customized Portal with live updates to the client, an app for mobile property search and research, Real Property Resource dossiers for more in-depth information, and I introduce the client to all the experts necessary to close the transaction–including top notch lenders if necessary. Finally, the client gets their own customized web portal to track their transaction once we go pending! I am able to do this because of my unique background and experience.


The real estate market is hyper-local, seasonal and temperamental—in other words, it can change on a dime. Technology has made information more accessible to everyone, but it can be difficult to keep up with recent events that affect home values. The benefits of working with a licensed real estate professional go far beyond what a mobile app, online video, or website can do. I provide my clients with information on market seasonality and information relevant to what is happening in their specific neighborhood. This customized analysis includes recent comparable sales that factor into an offer and acceptance strategy.

Unique Background

Jordan comes with an MBA in Real Estate and 7 years of real estate and property valuation experience for Ad Valorem taxation (taxation based on value). He has worked in real estate sales for an additional four years operating his own business in the Bend, Central Oregon and Eugene markets. He has created a career in the real estate industry for an additional four years. He has worked on assisting with residential mass appraisal valuation models, has represented both the county and the private tax payer in residential property tax appeals, has inspected and valued both residential and commercial industrial property, and has worked as the office manager of a fee appraisal and property management company.


Successful negotiations help move a conversation forward and transform the process into an agreement that’s a win for all parties. Negotiation is not only a skill, but a mindset. I keep my clients’ best interests top of mind as I negotiate on their behalf utilizing data and research about the current state of the local market. I also focus on communicating the most typical consequence of each possible action or choice.

Transactional Excellence

I am dedicated to transactional excellence for every listing and sale. What this means for you is that I oversee every detail of the real estate transaction. The transaction is far from over once an offer has been accepted.

Jordan Thomas Marx, Real Estate Agent.