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The Mission Statement for Millennium Group

To cultivate a real estate organization centered around a team based dynamic focused on allowing realty professionals to be their authentic selves while building their own businesses under the ethos of openness, transparency, acceptance, technology and trust throughout the greater Oregon region. 


Jordan started his real estate career after reading several books by famed investor Robert Kiyosaki. Jordan was inspired to consider a career as a real estate professional after reading these influential books. Instead of going straight into the Real Estate Agent route like many do, he thought it beneficial to spend some time as an analyst working the data oriented side of real estate. He began as a Real Estate Appraiser for property tax assessment purposes.

Jordan spent six years working in various counties as an appraiser and then a commercial appraiser before transferring to a fee appraisal firm where he was an office manager/appraiser trainee for a year before moving to Bend Oregon from the Willamette Valley. 

Jordan was eventually inspired to found the counter intuitive, and visionary Millennium Group and later the Bend Realty Nerds. He has been in the profession for his fifth year now and is excited to ramp up this vision to a team oriented scale.

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